Response to VICE on NFL’s Pink October

I don’t see the issue here. Neither the NFL nor the ACS assert that the assets go towards disease research. They guarantee the cash goes toward mindfulness. There is no false promoting there. Additionally, I’m not certain what your inclination is, but rather it is clear you don’t care for the NFL and/or the ACS.… Read More »

Shocking: Indian Player dies after kicking his last goal

Usually ending up of life with the thing you loves the most is regarded as one of the most fortunate thing in one’s life. Few days ago a 23-year-old Indian soccer player died while trying to celebrate the goal he made few moments ago. This happened because of neck breaking flip. Peter Biaksangzuala was a… Read More »


New 49ers head coach Jim Tomsula had a one-on-one interview with CSN Bay Area earlier today to discuss the direction of the team, his schemes, and plans for the upcoming season. If I’m a 49ers fan, I’d probably be a little weary at this point. Tomsula just doesn’t sound like a professional head coach, he… Read More »

Guessing moment for Deng as Bull’s choose Snell

Chicago forward Luol Deng got neither an exchange nor an agreement expansion before the end of NBA business late on Draft night Thursday, which ought to just make his late spring more, um, convincing. That is a fill-in-the-clear doublespeak for the junction at which Deng winds up at age 28. Deng, the Bulls’ two-time All-Star, has… Read More »