By | June 10, 2012

New 49ers head coach Jim Tomsula had a one-on-one interview with CSN Bay Area earlier today to discuss the direction of the team, his schemes, and plans for the upcoming season. If I’m a 49ers fan, I’d probably be a little weary at this point. Tomsula just doesn’t sound like a professional head coach, he sounds like a mumbling fool. Honestly, this could have been like a Will Ferrell skit. It was an amazing moment in UEFA History

Maybe Tomsula just doesn’t do well in front of the camera, or maybe he didn’t prepare for the interview, but holy hell this is by far one of the strangest interviews I’ve seen. It was awkward. He mumbled a lot. There was silence. This interview had it all. Props to the CSN host for trying to keep the conversation moving, but Tomsula just couldn’t grasp the interview.
The host asked if Tomsula is excited to get a top-flight defensive coordinator and a chance to win with him.

Tomsula replies, “I mean that’d be fair to say.”

Host: “Ok, so you will probably look more in that direction then?”

Tomsula: “I wouldn’t say that.”

Host: “Alrighty, you wouldn’t say that?”

Tomsula: “I would not say that, I wouldn’t say it either.”

Wait, what?!?!?

CSN then asked Tomsula if he was campaigning for the head coaching job before it was available. Tomsula goes, “That’s absolutely ludicroust.” (This is not a typo. He clearly said “ludicrous.)

Tomsula was also asked as new head coach what his first order of business. Tomsula asks the host, “yesterday, today, or…?” Hahahaha, I was in tears. This guy is a riot, I can only imagine how the head coaching interview went. Don’t quit your day job, Jim. Good luck in 2015, Niners fans.

[Video courtesy of CSN Bay Area]

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